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In 2015, NoMa Northeast Washington, DC became a destination for dogs with the vast vacant lot that is currently Union Place Apartments. The temporary space highlighted the need for a permanent space for the over 400 dogs that frequented the lot.


Aaralyn Liese encouraged neighbors, clients, and parents to attend the local NoMA Bid meetings to show their support, share their concerns and participate in the design and planning process.


A community park slated to serve the needs of the whole community with sitting areas, a dog park, and play structure for children was envisioned. The local landscaping and design firm Lee & Associates was hired to bring the vision to life. 

After over two years of lobbying, rallying community support and construction related delays,  Swampoodle Park opened!


"...we care for dogs, people, and our community."  

-Aaralyn Liese

Swampoodle Park is maintained by Friends of NoMa Dog (FOND) in collaboration with DC Department of Parks and Recreation and NoMa Park Foundation (NPF).

FOND is registered as a 501(c)3 with the IRS and as a non-profit entity with the District of Columbia and accepts tax-deductible donations from both individuals and local businesses.

Show your support by giving your dog a permanent spot in the park with a name plaque bone available for purchase at nomadogpark.org  



What type of dog do you have?
Most want to know the breed of dog, we want to know the temperament. Your dog's temperament will help determine what type of care is best.
What type of dog walkers do you want?
Dog walkers differ in their care-philosophy, types of services, level of training and level of experience.  
We identify three primary temperaments
that help determine if your dog is suited for individualized walks or pack walks, needs consistent care providers or is welcoming to anyone who shows up. 
Our care-philosophy is family-oriented
We view dogs as part of a family and each dog has a unique personality, as well as emotional and cognitive needs that we acknowledge.


common traits                               pros                                          cons

dog people

These dogs love their people, those they are familiar with or who they have approved.


They are cautious of strangers and shy in new environments. They are protective and prone to alert barking.

They will let you know if there is a problem. They have a sense of familial responsibility, strong preferences, and are people-like.

Random people and strangers are not warmly welcomed. Their preference for people is unpredictable. Most likely to bite.

Trained. They are easy to train. They are friendly and welcoming to new people and tend to be treat-motivated.  

They are welcoming and can be walked by anyone with a leash.    They are won over with treats, praise and pets. 

They do not discriminate between good and bad people, signs of abuse or neglect would not be noticed immediately.

people dogs

These dogs love people and people love them! They have matriculated well into life-with-humans.

dog dogs

These dogs love other dogs or hate other dogs; they get excited around other dogs.

They are usually young puppies and eager to meet other dogs. They are more interested in other dogs than people.

They play well with other dogs, enjoy dog parks and are comfortable around other dogs at events,

They need training and emotional support as they learn to navigate between the world of dogs and the world of people. 

To receive information about our dog walking and pet care services:


Every dog, home, and family is different but we provide the same quality of care whether regularly, as-needed or for an emergency.  We are there when needed to support pet families with midday, morning, evening, weekend, and holiday service. 
Founded by Aaralyn Liese in 2012, as a boutique pet care company to meet the needs of neighbors, District Dog Walkers developed into a supportive work environment for animals-lovers with dual passions as artists, gamers, parents, and or social activists. As a parent and artist, Aaralyn found that traditional careers did not leave time for her kids or creating art.
She wanted to develop a company that addressed the needs of the starving artists and gave at-home parents a work opportunity that valued their parental skill sets of patience, reliability, and care. Aaralyn was challenged by work-environments that thrived on competition and not collaboration. Her vision was to build a team of individuals that are respectful of self, others and the community.
We welcome professional individuals who need flexible work schedules and want to work within a supportive environment that embraces diversity and encourages success.
We will contact you to learn more about your interest in being a District Dog Walker.

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