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The great pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him and not only will he not scold you, but he will make a fool of himself too.

                                     - Samual Butler


What type of dog do you have?

We welcome all dogs and identify three distinct types of dogs to customize the best service plans. 

people dogs

These dogs love people and people love them! They have matriculated well into life-with-humans.



- does not jump up on people

- does not or rarely barks

- understands commands

- friendly to new people

- won over easily

- loves treats or has special treats

- is treat-motivated


Your dog is welcoming and can be walked by anyone that arrives at the door.  These dogs are won over with treats or pets and are very obedient.


They do not discriminate between good and bad people, signs of abuse or neglect would not be noticed immediately.

dog dogs

These dogs love other dogs or hate other dogs; they get excited around other dogs.


- jumps and jives when they see dogs

- pauses or kneels to greet dogs

- is vocal and barks or growls at dogs

-is reactive or high energy

-does not listen when with dogs

-likes dogs more than some treats

-is a young puppy


Your dog brings you lots of joy and playing with other dogs offers great exercise. They may enjoy dog parks and pack walks.


Needs training and continued training support. May require solo walks. Often picks up bad habits from other dogs. May bully or be bullied.

dog's people

These dogs love their people, those they are familiar with or who they have approved.


- is cautious of strangers

- does not like some people

- are protective of their home 

- prone to alert barking

- growls when they sense a threat

- understands commands

- rejects treats from strangers


Your dog communicates problems and concerns, has a strong sense of familial responsibility, and strong preferences.


Random people and strangers are not warmly welcomed, your dog needs familiar dog walkers that are kind, patient, and pup approved.  

What are your service needs?

We specialize in providing customized services, like dogs, every pet family has different needs.




Every dog, home, and family is different but we provide the same quality of care whether regularly, as-needed or for an emergency.  We are there when needed middays, mornings, evenings, weekends, and holidays. 

I primarily work from home and have three rescues. Although they love to walk, we want them to be let out in the backyard on the days when I go into the office, which is usually a few times a month.

customized care

as-needed service

My dog is elderly and does not like other dogs. He needs daily solo walks. Sometimes I am stuck at work and would need an evening walker that can give him his medication.

regular midday walks

as-needed evening service

My schedule requires that I travel. Sometimes I can bring my dog. She needs daily walks and overnight in-home dog sitting because she doesn't like boarding facilities.

regular midday walks

in-home pet sitting

We have a wedding to attend this weekend and our dog sitter is not available and the boarding facility we use is fully booked. 

emergency service

in-home pet sitting




weekday mornings

weekday evenings               

weekend mornings

weekend evenings

holiday service

in-home pet sitting                       


ongoing training support

small pet boarding

short-term care

  short         medium        long                                          customized additional services

regular midday               

as-need midday

weekend midday

cat care                        $15

registration fee        $50

$10             $15             $20

$15             $20             $25

$20             $25             $30


Our rates for regular midday service are shown. To receive a customized quote or sign-up for services.




Aaralyn Liese, Founder